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Rarely, an increase in bleeding and bruising may be a sign of leukemia. If you experience increased bruising, don’t stop taking your medications. Also, tell your provider about any supplements you’re taking — especially if you’re taking them while on a blood-thinning drug. Your provider might tell you to avoid certain nonprescription medications or supplements. Often, bruising after drinking is a result of falling or bumping into something. Coordination problems from alcohol consumption make injuries more likely, and since alcohol dilates the blood vessels, you’re more likely to bruise if you do fall or bump into something.

  • Ensure your home is well-lit, and turn on the lights before you move about.
  • They may stop participating in hobbies, or withdraw from friends and family members, because their desire to drink is stronger than their need for social interaction or other forms of recreation.
  • If you, your mom, and your sister all turn black and blue from the tiniest bump, it may be a family thing.
  • We don’t mean you woke up with a black-and-blue mark because you bumped into something after one too many cocktails.

The hit or fall breaks blood vessels just under your skin’s surface. When there is no cut, the blood can’t get out, so it pools underneath your skin. Older people are much more susceptible to bruising easily, too, because skin becomes thinner and blood vessels become weaker as we age. You may get a bruise from a bump or injury to the skin or the tissues beneath the skin. Since the skin isn’t cut or broken, you won’t see external bleeding. But damage to blood vessels below the skin causes them to rupture and leak blood.

Why Do I Get Random Bruises After A Night Of Drinking?

Alcohol and unexplained bruising could point to liver damage from drinking. Easy bruising and bleeding are signs of cirrhosis, which is a serious liver disorder. This condition has a high mortality rate and is not reversible. Finally, one potentially serious cause of alcohol and bruising is alcohol liver disease. As liver functioning declines from chronic alcohol misuse, a person is likely to bleed and bruise easily.

This can lead to bruising even when there is no trauma to the skin. Alcoholics may also have darker bruises due to the increased amount of blood in their body. If you notice that you or someone you know is bruise easily, it may be a sign of alcoholism. An alcohol use disorder is a legitimate medical condition that causes alcohol and bruising lasting changes in the brain. Once a person develops an alcohol use disorder, they will continue to drink, even in the face of serious consequences, such as health problems caused by alcohol. Brain changes from repeated alcohol misuse lead to compulsive drinking and make it difficult to stop without treatment.

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The abuser may excuse the bruises by saying the person bruises easily, or the person may use that as an excuse so as not to admit they are being abused. This article will cover the symptoms, potential causes, and treatment for easy bruising. If your bruise doesn’t improve within two weeks, or if you start to notice frequent, unexplained bruises—whether you’re drunk or sober—call your doctor. Similarly, if a bruise is unusually dark, or seems to be growing rather than fading, it could be the sign of an underlying problem. Also call your doctor if you recently had surgery or gave birth and you notice bruises or bleeding.

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Minor accidents — running into furniture, falling, dropping something on your leg, hand or foot — are the most common cause of bruising. But bruising shouldn’t always be dismissed so easily, says hematologist Dana Angelini, MD. After your injury, put an ice pack on it every once in a while for the first hours. Wrap the ice pack before you put it on so you don’t freeze your skin, and don’t leave it on for more than 15 minutes at a time.

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